Frontalot Tour Diary Day 4: North Carolina, Pt. 1

It may be common knowledge, but I recently discovered what an amazing deal Waffle House really is.  For $8, I got a waffle, two eggs, grits, bacon and toast.  All I wanted was a waffle and eggs!  Honestly.  If we continue eating there I will end up bucking the tour trend of losing weight.  But I will be happily sated.  How is one to balance the two?

Our first show on the tour, at the Rocket Club in Asheville, NC, was a blast.  Opening for us was multimedia art-rock ensemble Lube Royale, who weirded out the audience – in a good way – with their surrealist films to which they added spooky soundtracks, dressed in white suits and hockey masks.  Then we were up, and we rocked the crowd despite an extremely bouncy stage which made dancing and playing at the same time a somewhat untenable proposition.  A film crew was there to capture it all and some of the footage, along with an interview with Frontalot, should be appearing on Kentucky educational television sometime in the near future.

The next day we slept in and then drove to Chapel Hill, where our good friend Kit has been kind enough to put us up.  Tonight we play at the Local 506, with our resident bassman Brandon Patton opening.  If you’re in town, come see us nerd it up!

And now I will move you back in time, to an era when giant guitars roamed the earth:

Perhaps belonging to a relative of Hermes?

Perhaps belonging to a relative of Hermes?

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