Frontalot Tour Diary Day 38: Seattle

I hope she knows there's no water in the pool.Nerdcore fans in Seattle know how to sing.  Loudly.  They are also adept at putting videos on the YouTubez.  That’s what we learned last night when we played the High-Dive.  What a fantastic show!  It was by far the most energetic crowd we’ve had yet on the tour.  Sorry, Gainesville!  You have been dethroned.  It more than made up for the crushing defeat I suffered during a miniature golf outing with Brandon and Peter, which put me in a funk because I am apparently “success-oriented.”  I mean, who isn’t?  Do people actually like losing?  I don’t think so.

Hey you!  You’ve made it to the second paragraph.  That means you either came to the post directly or clicked on the “Continue Reading” button under the post on the homepage.  You may have noticed that I changed the homepage to only show summaries – this is due to the fact that the comment box only shows up when you view posts at their canonical URL.  And I want you – yes YOU – to leave comments.  So long as you’re not, like, concerned with helping people grow larger penises or hook up with hot singles in (your location here).  If this were a CNet Amiga BBS instead of a WordPress blog, I would have used an MCI tag to automagically display your location there.  Sadly you’ll have to use your imagination.  Here’s a little factoid about ol’ KF: I used to run a 516 Amiga BBS called “Metallic Dreams” back in the early 90′s, under the handle “The Dark Man.”  My nerd cred runs deep.

Wow!  Dorkout.  OK, back to the task at hand: describing in clogged-pore detail the awesome night we had at the High Dive.  It opened with none other than Beefy, who lives up to his namesake.  The dude is HUGE.  He is also a fantastic rapper and enteratiner;  the crowd was just as excited to see him as they were to see Front.  Following Beefy was the ever-so-slightly larger Billy the Fridge, who in addition to being a rapper is also a competitive speed-eater.  I mean, Spud, Ken & Glenn: Together Againwow!  The man diversifies.  Directly before us was the eXtreme showmanship of Lisa Dank and the White Widows, who bumped & ground their way around the stage in custom Ms. Pac-Man outfits while singing and rapping.  Being the generous gals that they were, they left their white balloons behind for us to use for purposes of frolicking.

And then we took the stage.  It was clear from the outset that this crowd was hungry for some Front-tastic love.  They sang along, they jumped up and down, they beamed longingly at the band members.  They also cheered wildly at all of the appropriate – and some unexpected – moments.  I felt particularly good about the show as my comedic riffs were very well-recieved.  Look out, Dane Cook!  I’m on the up-and-up.  But I’m not a complete narcissist; all of the other band members had equally stellar evenings.  It was one of those shows that makes you think: this is why I’m doing this. Adding to the merriment was a surprise visit from Songfight overseer Spud (of Octothorpe fame) and fellow Songfighter / Acoustic Song-a-Day madman Glenn Case.  I hadn’t seen those guys since 2006, so it was quite the treat.  Did you know that Spud shaves his head 3 times a day?  You did not.  So long, old, useless factoid!  A new one has taken your place.

After the show, we headed over to the Flair Taco Truck to procure some tasty comestibles.  While the food was enjoyable, the area around the truck was populated by drunken asshats who insisted on practicing their martial arts skills on the side of the truck.  Someone even threw a glass beer bottle out of a moving truck while we were there!  What’s going on, Seattle?  I thought you were too hip for such antics.   We thusly departed and returned to Peter and Mary’s house for somArtist's rendition of Nick sleepinge well-earned rest.  This morning we were treated to a delicious Mother’s Day feast prepared by daughter Claire and mad beats by their DJ and glass-blower son, Robbie.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mary!   Oh, and to you, too, mom!  I suppose I should give a shout-out to mothers everywhere.  YEEARRGH!

And now, thanks to Nick Binary’s mad skillz, I can publish this entry from the discomfort of the van as we head towards a beach house on the Oregon coast.  I am gearing up to once again get my chef on.  Oh no!  A new fact is rapidly approaching to take the spot in your brain where the total number of distinct characters Grace Park played in BSG currently resides.  Here it is: Nick sleeps with his eyes open.  How does that make you feel?  Comment about it, suckers!

4 Responses to “Frontalot Tour Diary Day 38: Seattle”

  1. This show was hella dope. Death*Star was ELATED to be able to join Billy the Fridge for Snack Time and a rousing rendition of “Cadillac Rollin’ Fat” — we were in good company that night!

  2. As one of the fans that sang along, jumped and swayed to the beats, and beamed longingly at the band members.. I have to say the High Dive show was amazing! Last time I saw Beefy and Billy perform was at a showing for Nerdcore Rising in Seattle last December, was nice to see most of the same artists with you guys playing *live* instead of on film. Great energy in the crowd that night. Enjoyed the hell out of seeing you guys perform. Hope to see you guys at PAX in the fall!

  3. The show was ridiculously awesome, so happy to have been a part of it. Enjoy the Oregon coast… such a lovely place and there is REALLY nice weather right now too. Good luck in Portland!