Kickstarting the animated video for “Pieces”

Hey there friends and neighbors!  I know it’s been a long time since my last update, but many things have been afoot.  Perhaps the most exciting of those is the animated music video that award-winning Dutch animator Emiel Stevenhagen has been creating for my song “Pieces.”  A music video!  Animated! It’s like a dream come true.  A long, expensive dream.   To help make sure that the video is completed and that Emiel gets the compensation he deserves, I have started a Kickstarter project to raise some funds.  It’s amazing that I’m able to do this after, you know, flooding the CTO’s basement.  Anyhow, it starts today, and we’ve got 30 days to raise $3000.  Think we can meet that goal?  I know we can.

Here’s why: the video is going to be amazing.  I personally think it has awards potential.  It wouldn’t be the first time for Emiel.  He’s just a spectacular artist with an imagination that boggles the mind.  For those of you who didn’t know, Emiel drew the cover for The End of Suffering, and the video is based on the characters and scenery from that drawing.  Anyone who wondered where the rollydudes came from or what they were up to will have to wait only until the video is done.  It’s super-sweet

Anyhow, I won’t blather on too much about it; go to the Kickstarter page and watch the pitch video.  I edited it myself!  Obviously.  There are all sorts of goodies to be gotten by backing the project, including t-shirts, DVDs, original drawings used in the animation, and even a home-cooked meal and living room concert by me.  There’s only one of those, though.  This is so exciting!  Be a part of it:

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