Triple Threat: ASCAP Expo, Site Redesign & Documentary Trailer

Happy black friday, everybody!  My head is slowly clearing after the whirlwind of networking that was the ASCAP New York Sessions, at which I reconnected with ’09 expo attendee and fellow pianist Steve Schultz and met various and sundry songwriters and producers from the NYC area including Joe Hanley from local production house theVAULT.  The most interesting session award went to Stargate and Sandy Vee, who deconstructed popular tunes such as Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Britney’s “Selfish” – which was apparently supposed to be called “Man-Bitch.”  Stupid censors.  Also, at lunch, I got compared to Paul Rudd for the third time in recent memory.  This is honestly getting annoying.

In other news, I have redesigned the site to make it less lame.  Behold!  There are songs to hear in the sidebar and you can even join the mailing list from there.

On the content front, I present to you my latest bit of consumable media, the trailer for my upcoming 2009 tour documentary, entitled “Suffer No More.”  Enjoy!

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