The Unblinking Eye

Behold, a new video from Bay Area production team Ill Mondo featuring the lyrics and vocals of none other than yours truly. The song is called “The Unblinking Eye” and is NOT a cover of the Roger Taylor tune of which I was unaware until I searched YouTube for my song, which is much better.  That is my totally objective opinion.  The song is one of two featuring The Ken (that’s my new nickname, pass it on!) on Ill Mondo’s new album De Novo which was released yesterday and is available for free on the Circle Into Square website.  The other song is called Hayatta and features even creepier lyrics.  There are lots of other singers on there as well – check it out!

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Unblinking Eye is a psych rock epic from Ill Mondo’s 2011 album, De Novo. Featuring Ken Flagg on vocals, the funky drums and bass blend with the 70′s wah-wah guitar and intricate string arrangements to support the dark atmosphere of the video. Inspired by classic Italian horror directors like Dario Argento, Unblinking Eye is a heavy Psychedelic exploration of aural and visual tone.

Get the full album De Novo for free from Circle Into Square:

Music video directed by Beaux Mingus and edited by Roy Scarazzo of Magnificent Feast

Copyright 2011 Circle Into Square

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