Frontalot Fall Tour 2011: Days 1-3, Austin, TX

Holy consistency, Batman!  The blog du Vic returns for another exciting season of tour minutiae, replete with questionable facts, perilously fancy prose and banal photographs made all funny-like by the use of alt tags.  Who can resist?  Not you.  Nor should you, for in this modern world of tweets and wee bitly links there is a call, nay, an insatiable need for thoughtful, in-depth prose crafted exclusively for the self-aggrandizement of the author devoted fans of the Frontalot crew.  And so it has arrived!  Prepare to be entertainementized.

There have been a few changes since last I wrote to you from the loins of our dear van Vanna.  First and foremost among them is the presence of the one and only Mike Lombardo, who filled in for me on keyboards while I was busy rehearsing with Wheatus.  Mike is a piano-pop dynamo with a special place in the hearts of tween Glee fans everywhere who has built his legacy on the back of video-sharing giant YouTube.  On this leg of the journey he is acting in Nick Binary‘s stead as our sound guy, and doing a damn fine job, as well as providing daily video updates.  You can check out a special interview Noodles did with him here.

Whoa!  Wait!  Who is this Noodles person, you might ask?  Those of you following the Wheatus tour will no doubt be familiar with his purply Christmasness, but for the rest of you, I suggest you familiarize yourself with his YouTube Channel.  He is an interviewer with unparallelled skills, says his mom, and will be supplementing this venerable blog with content for those who hate reading.  There is still a chance to get in on the ground floor of his impending stardom, so subscribe now!  Or don’t.  Is there a direct link for subscribing?  This is how savvy I am not.

“Vic!” you exclaim, “this is a lot of expository prose without much meat.  I love mixing metaphors!”  Tut, tut. I had to set the stage, see.  At the Highball!  Can I just tell you how much we love Austin?  A metric ass-ton.  The show, featuring Front, Brandon and Dallas nerd rapper Doug Funnie, was our best Austin outing in years, pulling around 200 people.   This was my first time seeing Doug perform, and he was off-the-charts good.  If you have a chance to catch him live, do it.  When we weren’t at the Highball, we were staying with our extraordinarily gracious pals Adam and Cindy Anderson.  Have I gone on previously about what an amazing and prolific cook Adam is?  The man breaks Kitchen-Aid stand mixers with the sheer force of his culinary will!  Fear him.

Other highlights include my purchase of a very small yet warm sleeping bag.  It fits nicely in my suitcase, which helps reduce van clutter.  OH THE EXCITEMENT!!  You really haven’t lived until you’ve maximized the available cargo space in an Econoline.  Clearly I am running out of things to say.  All that is left is to mention our show tonight at the world-famous Doublewide in Dallas, featuring a repeat of last night’s bill starting at 10pm.  See you there!

2 Responses to “Frontalot Fall Tour 2011: Days 1-3, Austin, TX”

  1. Doug f.

    Oh,man that was a fantastic show from all parties!!! Thanks for the shoutout!!

  2. Mom

    Yay Noodles, yay Vic 20! Entertaining reading at last :) So glad you found a sleeping bag and the perfect one no less!