(c) 2009 Keeney + Law

(c) 2009 Keeney + Law

Ken Flagg is a composer, songwriter, producer and performer from New York City.  His songs and music have been featured in independent films and on prime-time TV shows such as Desire and Fashion House as well as hit cable shows like The Real World and Bad Girls Club.   In addition to his solo work he fronts the electro-trash outfit Edible Norris, plays bass for The Paranoid Style and tours as Vic-20 with nerdcore superstar MC Frontalot.

Booking inquiries should be addressed to booking@incurableeclectic.com.


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52 Weeks Remix: “Consent”

WHAT’S UP RAVING THRONGS OF KF FANS.  I got my first unsolicited remix today (to be posted soon).  It was a thrilling experience which I would like to have over and over again, like eating my first bite-sized Reese’s peanut butter cup.  With that in mind, I have created stems for my most recent 52 [...]