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Wheatus Tour Diary: Days 1-2, Manchester & Derby

Today I saw a man with a goat: a goat with a coat.  In front of a moat!  I kid you not!  Such are the wonders that await people who visit the lovely Welsh town of Cardiff, as we are doing right now.  I have little doubt that Dr. Seuss frequented this little hamlet where they spell Wheatus “Cwkzydd.”    Britain is such a strange place!  And we are here.  By “we” I mean Wheatus, MC Frontalot, Math The Band and City Stereo.  We travel in two enormous double-decker buses from quirky little city to quriky little city in the name of rock.  You are probably asking: how did this come to pass?  I will tell you, in as succinct a manner as possible.

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Edible Norris: He Likes To Do It

Fans and spambots alike, I am proud to share with you today the first Edible Norris video, ever:

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