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Another review – from the alma mater!

The Carnegie-Mellon Tartan has a great write-up of the album in which the reviewer states that I create a cacophony of sound that elevates the acute listener onto another plane. Score!

Reviewed in MetroSpirit, PittNews

That’s right, the word has spread as far east as Athens, GA and Pittsburgh, PA.  There’s no stopping it!  Big ups to the people at MetroSpirit for comparing the album to Faith No More, Hendrix and Elton John.  I was going for eclectic, after all… and I’m not sorry that “Mountain Girl” isn’t going to “win over the ladies,” according to PittNews.

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I’m popular in the French Alps

A new review came in this morning from a fan in France.  Who knew I had a following overseas?  Hooray for the internet! Give it a read.

AndMoreAgain & Rock ‘n’ Roll Experience reviews

Two reviews are in:

Kathleen Fennessy says the album “moves between genres with grace.”  She also calls When the Sun Sets in the Eastern Sky “sublime.”  Take a gander.

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