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Frontalot Fall Tour 2011: Days 1-3, Austin, TX

Holy consistency, Batman!  The blog du Vic returns for another exciting season of tour minutiae, replete with questionable facts, perilously fancy prose and banal photographs made all funny-like by the use of alt tags.  Who can resist?  Not you.  Nor should you, for in this modern world of tweets and wee bitly links there is [...]

Frontalot Fall 2010 Tour Diary: Day 1

Oh yeah!  It’s on.  The Frontalot touring machine is back in full swing for a fall jaunt around the northeast quarter of the glorious US of A.  Presently greasing the wheels at the world-famous Sturgenius‘s musical fortress in Holyoke, we are prepping for tonight’s debut gig at the legendary Iron Horse in Northampton.  But lo!  [...]