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Frontalot Fall 2010 Tour Diary: Day 16, Pittsburgh

I would like to begin today’s entry with the sad story of Tycho Brahe: astronomer, Danish nobleman, and victim of the rare but fatal bladderus overfillus syndrome.  Both a heavy drinker and a man of impeccable etiquette, Tycho found himself in a deadlock of ethics and urges while at a banquet in Prague.  The attendees [...]

Frontalot 2010 Fall Tour Diary: Days 6-15 – Providence & Boston

Bleary-eyed and bluster-tongued, we hurtle along the deep suburban veins of inland New Jersey, our minds consumed with one word: Shartlesville.  Home of the giant farmers, the tiny trains and the larger-than-life ambitions of Laurence Gieringer, the now-deceased proprietor of Roadside America.  On our last tour, you may remember, we showed up just a little [...]