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Frontalot Fall Tour 2011: Arrrrrrkansas. And St. Louis.

I was going to start this post off with a pirate joke, but a quick browse of the archives alerted me to the fact that I would be repeating myself.  Instead, I will be merely laudatory and state that Arkansas truly is a glory hole of natural splendor.  Most states are a chore to drive [...]

Wheatus Tour Diary: Cardiff, Barnsley and the Space-Time Continuum

I had heard from veteran touring musicians that life on the road became a haze of gigs and sleeping, that time became an elusive nymph, always laughing at you from right around the corner.  “Balderdash!” I retorted.  “I always know what day it is and what city I’m in.”  I sit here now with my [...]

Frontalot Tour Diary Day 4: North Carolina, Pt. 1

It may be common knowledge, but I recently discovered what an amazing deal Waffle House really is.  For $8, I got a waffle, two eggs, grits, bacon and toast.  All I wanted was a waffle and eggs!  Honestly.  If we continue eating there I will end up bucking the tour trend of losing weight.  But [...]

Frontalot Tour Diary Day 1: On The Road

Hello again from the wonderful world of touring!  I am presently on tour with MC Frontalot, the father of nerdcore hip-hop, and we are stopped for the evening at an Econolodge in the lovely Shenandoah Valley, where the gas stations and fast-food restaurants stretch as far as the eye can see.  Today was a mostly [...]