Tour Diary: Day 4, Seattle

Our mascot, Whaley NelsonWhere did we leave off?  Oh yes, the cowboy hat.  Let me move back a bit and let you know what we did to deserve such a fine fluffy shout-out from the heavens.  Like any band worth our salt, we made a gruelling trek to an important cultural shrine: the grave of the late, great Jimi Hendrix.  So what if our trek only took us 4.9 miles out of our way, and the only gruelling part of the journey was getting our cellphone GPS to work?  This is immaterial.  We came, we saw, we took pictures.  And then the hat appeared.

Seriously, it was a great drive into Seattle if you don’t count the parking-lot traffic and a van full of dudes needing very badly to use a restroom.  Thankfully our destination, the prototypical Seattle hangout Cafe Racer, was right off the highway.  It conveniently houses two clean, working restrooms for which I can vouch.  Truth be told it was quite a bit larger than we expected, and is a really hip venue.  So hip that it contains a barber shop called Cafe Razor (sha-zam!), a Ms. Pac-Man Plus table-top game, and allows travelling rock bands to use fog machines.

And use it we did!  After what seemed like (or actually was) two hours of set-up, we set the ambiance to hazetastic and rocked out for a little over an hour.  The video for this event consists mostly of our guitarist, Matt, to whom the camera seemed inextricably drawn, possibly due to the tension of the power cord and the fact that it wasn’t actually secured to the tripod.  Or maybe it was his soul patch.

Notable guests abounded at the show, which featured attendence in the double digits. (We’ve finally made it!)  Two members of my college a-capella group, the Carnegie Mellon Originals, were there, and two other people, a nice couple (I think!) from the University of Washington who were too young to buy beer but seemed happy downing their burgers and soda.  What was most notable about those two was the fact that they engaged in the following steps to get to the show:

1. They searched the internet for all-ages shows they could attend.
2. They found a few, presumably of high quality.
3. They chose our show!

I mean, that is exactly how it is supposed to work.  Hooray for the intertubes, and my friends at the Planetary Group who fill them with favorable factoids about me.  A note to our new collegiate fans: thanks for coming!  And don’t forget to wear the t-shirt we gave you.

You’re probably asking yourself right now: what kind-hearted souls took upon themselves the burden of hosting such a raucous band of ne’erdogooders?  The answer: Forrest and Wendy Giberson.  Not only did they put us up and bake us cookies, but Forrest went so far as to drive Paul to the airport early in the morning.  That’s right – we are Paul-less until Wednesday.  How will we pull off the gig in Las Vegas?  Keep reading to find out.  Oh wait, don’t: Juan Lopez of Sofa City Sweetheart is playing bass for us!  And the whole band is playing an opening set.  So, if you live in Vegas, go to the show!

I guess you kept reading after all.  You are nothing if not tenacious.  Right now we are en route to Salt Lake City as we traverse the wild west on our way to Vegas.  Lastly (but not leastly) we’d like to give a shout out to Katrina in Boise.  Enjoy the button!  We’re really glad we decided not to go to Chuck-a-Rama.

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