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Frontalot Fall 2010 Tour Diary: Day 1

Sturgis getting all acorporeal at KOLConOh yeah!  It’s on.  The Frontalot touring machine is back in full swing for a fall jaunt around the northeast quarter of the glorious US of A.  Presently greasing the wheels at the world-famous Sturgenius‘s musical fortress in Holyoke, we are prepping for tonight’s debut gig at the legendary Iron Horse in Northampton.  But lo!  We did not simply materialize here.  An epic journey preceded our arrival – a journey which I will now recount to you in harrowing, blood-curdling detail.

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Frontalot Tour Day 17: Austin, Texas

As precious as silver and gold!First off, don’t take my day numbering too seriously.  I’m not sure if it is accurate.  I was good at math in high school and then abandoned it for music, so though there may be numerals at the top of each post indicating the cardinality of the entry with respect to all other entries as observed on a one-dimensional graph with sole axis T representing time, they don’t necessarily mean anything of substance.  Lack of sleep and endless waves of generosity from fans and hosts have rendered my internal abacus entirely ineffective.

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Tour schedule

So, the tour is right around the corner and we’re getting the word out about the shows. Do you or some people you know live in any of the cities we’re coming to? Get the word out! Come see us play. A *free CD* goes to anyone who brings 10 or more people to a show. Be a winner!  OK, here are the dates:

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