Tour Diary: Day 8, San Diego

fuzzed_outSan Diego is a big place, full of big things: bridges, roadways, hangovers.  We had a little fear & loathing last night, but in the good way.  The Ruby Room is a great venue on University, with an attached restaurant that serves comfort food and bartenders who are unafraid to invent fruity shots for the band to consume.  They also have a great beer selection.  Am I focusing too much on the booze?  Perhaps that is because my head hurts.  Let’s move backwards in time…

We arrived at our host’s house on Tuesday night.  Her name is Heather Carter, and she is a real swell person for putting us up.  Did you know we were in a band together for a day? (She’s on the left)   We got Paul back on Wednesday, and the shenanigans resumed.  We took a tour of lovely San Diego, including Balboa Park, and attempted to go bowling but were thwarted by a 45-minute wait, which is simply too long for busy entertainment professionals like us.  We want it all and we want it now.  As a result we eat a lot of hot dogs from street vendors.

But not yesterday.  We ate at the The Mission at Mission Beach, and it was satiating.  Then it was back home to prep for the show, during the course of which I realized that I had left my razor back in Vegas.  Thanks (again!) to Jan, it will be entirely unlike the evidence of my questionable behavior and not stay there.  We sauntered (in a vehicular fashion) over to the Ruby Room and loaded in.  Aside from the drink selection it really is a cool venue, with free Ms. Pac-Man and Asteroids, two pool tables, and a bizarre punching bag game that was mastered by – say it with me – Chris.  There may be a bonus DVD filled entirely with Chris playing video games.

Our set went well, though there were some camera issues that prevented the first two songs from getting recorded.  Oh well.  The audience was appreciative and the sound was high-quality, and since we went on first it allowed us to enjoy the rest of the night.  The next band, Awesome New Republic, were maddeningly good.  The vocalist had an outrageous range and the keyboardist and drummer, who also sang, were true masters of their craft.  Expect to hear them on an iPhone commercial soon.  After that we bobbed our heads to the psychedelic dance music of Inspired Flight, who are great producers, and got all alternative with the awesome S03.  And then everything gets blurry.

We’re packing up now for the long, hard slog to LA, where we will once again come devil-horn-to-devil-horn with a bowling alley that won’t let us bowl.  Thankfully, it will let us rock.

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