Frontalot Tour Diary Day 19: Oklahoma City, OK

BW3 Rules!I am writing this from the comfort of a wooden chair at Buffalo Wild Wings here in lovely OKC.  They have beer, wings and wireless – what more could a man ask for?  OK, the beer selection is a little weak for my Pacific Northwest tastes – no IPA! – but the overall awesomeness of the experience is making up for it.  This tour has been full of experiences, both awesome and suboptimal.  On the subject of suboptimality: it looks like Front is going to live.  Which is not suboptimal, of course.

What on Earth are you talking about, you ask?  Well.  The night of our gig in Austin took a scary turn after we returned to our host’s house and found our fearless leader clutching his stomach and moaning like one of the undead.  We gave him some Gatorade and he seemed to feel better, but the next day he was back to feeling horrible.  Not wanting to disappoint fans, we put him in a gurney and airlifted him to Dallas, where we played a subdued set, featuring an uncharacteristically seated Front, at the Doublewide after great opening sets by The Triggermen and Boss Level.  Once again we were treated to unsolicited kindness and generosity, this time by the lovely Kastin and Dean who not only housed and fed us but also allowed the Front to turn their bed into a wet sponge.  The man is a sweat factory, especially when he’s got SARS.

Nerds are alive in OKCActually, it wasn’t SARS.  A trip to the doctor got him diagnosed with strep throat and an ear infection.  Did you know that antibiotics can be injected into your buttocks?  Front does.  Ouch!  Also it is apparently hard to catch so long as you don’t share saliva.  Note to self: no more bacchanalian band orgies.  We rested up and had yet another delicious homemade breakfast (thanks again, Kastin!) before heading to OKC, where we performed at the charmingly rustic Conservatory with Brandon and The Doppleganstas opening.  Go Doppleganstas!  Front put on a surprisingly energetic show during which we were convinced he was on the mend, but the moaning and flailing immediately following the show set us straight.  He was doing so poorly, in fact, that we were forced to cancel our show today in Little Rock at Sticky Fingerz.  We hate to cancel shows – it has happened only once before – but Front’s health is paramount.  Sorry to everyone that was expecting to see us!  We’ll be at Maxine’s in Hot Springs with The One-Ups on the 22nd, though, so you can come see us there.

Our hosts here in OKC are Eric and Stefan, truly wonderful dudes with an outrageous collection of action figures and, like Kastin and Dean, no compunction about hosting an ill person.  THIS JUST IN: Front appears to be feeling a lot better.  As in, he’s walking around and talking and smiling and making unreasonable demands for the attention of everyone around him.  Just kidding!  He’s a sweetie.  With issues.  Anyhow, FLASHBACK: we went to a great 24-hour breakfast place called Beverly’s Pancake House with the ‘ganstas and our Eric and Stefan and some other people and it was great, because we hadI got moonedn’t eaten since that stop at the Love’s travel center at around 5pm.  First thing out of my and Sturgis’s mouth upon stopping: “Man, I wish we’d stopped at that ham sandwich place with the billboards!”  It takes a lot of balls to advertise ham sandwiches.  They must be @#$@ing good.

Wow, my temporal memory is all whacked.  Clearly I need these days off.  To celebrate, here’s a picture I took of the moon.  Good afternoon, moon!

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