Frontalot Tour Diary Day 47: Madison, o Madison!

Vic-20 inhabits the weinerless green roomI am bedraggled and under-rested as I write this from the back seat of the van, so forgive me if this entry is lacking in wit and vigor.  The drive to Cleveland is 9 1/2 hours, which required us getting up at about 7:30am.  That’s like waking up at 4:30am for your office job.  I will, however, soldier through this brief diary entry to get you the information you know you want so very badly, and I will say it with panache.

We woke up yesterday morning to a spectacular breakfast prepared by none other than our resident tour savior, Jen Blakeslee.  Her parents were gracious enough to put us up for two nights, allowing us to attend to such esoteric matters as resting and doing laundry.  There are also unverified reports of loafing about.  Around 5pm the time came to head over to the High Noon Saloon.  I was expecting some sort of dingy old-west themed joint, but the place was top-notch.  It had a big stage, great lighting, great sound and a swanky green room.  You can fairly accurately judge the classiness of a venue by the amount of genitalia graffiti on the wall.  The High Noon Saloon is 100% dong-free.

What it is not free of is FUN FUN FUN!  What a blast that show was, owing largely to the 160 or so people that showed up, danced around, yelled friendly things and bought lots of beer.  Whoremoans got the room hopping with his thick Mario beats and distinctive flow.  I should mention here that Whoremoans has been touring with us since Chicago and we are super happy to have him on board.  We will be sad when he doesn’t accompany us to Pittsburgh.  Brandon got up and did his usual set to thunderous applause with one addition: the song Look Up, which required the talents of both me and the Sturgenius.  We had all of 5 minutes to practice it, without our instruments; that it went over as well as it did He's so dreamy!was a pleasant surprise to all involved.

When we took the stage the energy of the audience had us whipped up into a frenzy of spazmatic dancing and general instrumental shenaniganry.  It didn’t hurt that Madison-based fan and videographer Ryan Schremp was there to capture the magic, aided by a special four-channel audio setup put together by our man Nick.  It was just pure joy to be on stage.  At the urging of Sturgis I even changed up my first world problem, which had been static for the past five gigs or so.  It made everything feel new again.  Madison, we will not forget you!  You are on our “must return” list for sure.

This morning we bid an emotional farewell to Jen, who has twice saved the tour from disaster, and headed on the road to Cleveland.  Since Whoremoans also has a car, we have split up so as to allow for more nap space.  I will now take advantage of said space.   Don’t worry, though – I’ll be awake in time to rock Wilbert’s in Cleveland with Dual Core, Whoremoans and MC Cool Whip.  Show’s at 8pm, door is $10.  And it’s all-ages!

4 Responses to “Frontalot Tour Diary Day 47: Madison, o Madison!”

  1. Sam

    So glad that you guys came to Madison, and even more glad that I got to come to the show. It was worth the $10 10X over, the cash for the babysitter, and also worth the very groggy 6:00am alarm clock throwing the next morning. We can’t wait to have you guys back!

  2. CJ

    Glad you had a good time in our town! It was a great night in the audience as well.

  3. Mark

    Thanks for coming to Madison. Last night was the first nerdcore show I’ve ever been to, and I had a great time!

  4. AmandaKay

    Glad to have you here! Madison is a town that takes great pride in itself so your compliments are gonna be well recieved for sure. We frankly have big inflated heads about how great we are. It’s our curse to bear. The show was fantastic so coming back will be a well welcomed victorious return. Like Arthur’s return to Camelot only with less flea ridden peasants and more ties.