Frontalot Tour Diary Day 6: North Carolina, Pt. 2

You know what makes me sneezThe trees are vandals!e, besides accidentally yanking out a hair while fastidiously removing all obstructions from my nose?  Pollen.  It is yellow, it is everywhere, and it is airborne.  I haven’t seen pollen like this since I spent my springs on Long Island.  It is both fascinating and a terrible nuisance.  Thankfully, it has not impeded our performances, though it has caused me to practice the Obama elbow maneuver more often than I’d like to.  My crook runneth over.  Ewww.

But listen to me, going on about things best left undiscussed.  What about our tour?  It goes well!  Very well, in fact.  Our show a the Local 506 in Chapel Hill was a rousing success.  The sound was stellar and the stage refused to bounce.  Brandon did a great opening set and got the crowd of merch-hungry nerds all riled up and ready for our set, which went off almost entirely without any hitchery at all.  Take a gander.  Best of all, we met new friends who have put us up in their house of rock for our remaining two days in this fine, fine town.  And a house of rock it is – together we managed to rid the world of 3000ml of wine last night.  Our friends have a name: I Was Totally Destroying It.   They play awesome power pop to larger crowds than we do.  Check them out!

Other than that, we have been keeping it on the DL, as they say in the Hip Hop.  Or is it French?  Relaxing, getting non-tour-related work done, and generally enjoying this lull, as it becomes a torrent of gigs and driving once we get to Athens.  Wondering where we play next?  Let me tell you: The Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC.  We expect an enjoyable time.

Here’s a tangential factoid: I’m apparently pretty good at getting things out of claw machines.  To date, I have rescued not one but TWO stuffed animals from a future of glass encasement with the likes of Spongebob Squarepants and other undesirables.  My latest rescue animal is a platypus named Atticus.  He is our tour mascot.  I leave you today with a picture of our half-mammal-half-bird friend, perched as he often is atop the dash of our van, Vanna.  Observant readers may find the composition of this photo somewhat familiar.

Atticus the Platypus

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