Frontalot Tour Diary Day 1: On The Road

Hello again from the wonderful world of touring!  I am presently on tour with MC Frontalot, the father of nerdcore hip-hop, and we are stopped for the evening at an Econolodge in the lovely Shenandoah Valley, where the gas stations and fast-food restaurants stretch as far as the eye can see.  Today was a mostly uneventful travel day.  We started in Staten Island at the home of sometime Frontalot collaborator The Categorical Imperative, where we were treated to coffee, bagels and live chickens before heading off rather late.  Honestly, the day was mostly uneventful, even when it should have been full of vigor.

mathilda_and_hermesTo wit: we stopped at one of the truly intriguing highway attractions in the USA, Roadside America, only to find that it had closed but fifteen minutes prior to our arrival.  Thankfully the enormous Pennsylvania Dutch farmers, Mathidle and Hermes, were still around and agreed to poise with us for a photo shoot in their bucolic parking-lot dwelling.  We’re still not sure if they were planning on devouring us whole or not.  Did I mention that they live in Shartlesville?  Look that up in the urban dictionary.

After that it was drive, drive, eat, drive, eat, drive, unload.  Soon it will be time to sleep.  Until tomorrow, faithful readers, be well and try not to have giant farmer nightmares.

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